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Spare Parts Catalogue Design


Golden Coast is a wet leisure distributor to the trade. Every other year they compile their Spare Parts Catalogue, a book containing pricing and parts diagrams of their products.

When we took on this project, the spare parts catalogue was contained in the back of the product catalogue. After discussing with colleagues, we decided to give the spares its own separate book, giving more room in the main catalogue for extra information and images of products, and therefore giving more room for parts diagrams in this book.

Spare parts catalogue design

We picked up on elements of the design from the main product catalogue book. The spares wasn’t going to have tabbed sections,  but we added the look of the tabbed sections at the side of the page, so you could identify the section you needed easier.

We also shaded the parts diagrams, making it easier to spot the parts themselves, and used the company fonts and colours for captions and lines on the diagrams, therefore making them look universal throughout the book, and on brand.


Golden Coast Ltd




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