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Pool Covers Brochure Design

Graphic Design Brief

To design and create a pool cover brochure promoting the range of automatic pool covers available to enhance a customers’ swimming pool.

Graphic Design Client

Golden Coast Ltd

Graphic Design Solution

About the Pool Cover Supplier

DEL are a French company that manufacture pool cover systems for swimming pools. They have a variety of above-ground and in-ground systems. Options include cover systems that can be retrofitted to an existing pool, while others need to be installed when a new swimming pool is built.

DEL are one of the brands that Golden Coast sell to trade customers.


Pool Covers Brochure Design

This was a consumer brochure, designed for use by an end user. The brief was to design something that would promote the range of pool covers available. The trade customers would give this to their clients.

The supplier, DEL, had designed technical brochures for each of the cover systems. These included specifications, sizing, colour options etc. The technical brochure would be available to the consumer if they needed to know more detail about their selected system.

With this in mind, we decided to pick up on the suppliers colours and use their logos for the cover systems to keep with the brand consistency. This way, the consumer would be able to easily identify with the system they had already chosen.

The brochure was designed to be a square format. This was decided so it would stand out from the traditional A4 portrait layout. It was also a size that would work well for printing the brochures in-house. We had also designed additional brochures at this size that would compliment this one.

Printing the brochures in-house meant the products could be updated quickly and easily, and with less expense than outsourcing the printing. As the supplier added new products to their range, these could also be added quickly and easily.

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